Power flushing



JGS Power Flushing



We specialise in power flushing an essential factor in new installation of boilers and the running of existing  systems and we are competitive on our prices.

Reasons for power flushing are:


A new boiler installed


Existing boiler banging when working at full output


Radiators are tepid in different areas


What is involved when power flushing a heating system?


When using power flushing machine, it is connected to our customers heating system while the system is still hot the machine runs for two hours with a cleaning chemical added to the machine then we clean one radiator out at the time. Flushing any debris left at the bottom of the radiator, when all the system is thoroughly flushed. We flush the system with cold water to remove any cleaning agent we have used. When refilling the system we add inhibiter to protect and keep the heating system clean and run efficient. 





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